Vegetable garden

I had a request (from Mat’s mom) for photos of the vegetable garden so here they are for all who are interested. This year it has been quite cool (there was even frost this week out in the country) so although tomatoes and things are in the garden they are not growing very quickly. The peas, beans, and lettuces, on the other hand, are very happy.

veg garden May This is most of the left hand side of the garden as you look at it from the patio under the kitchen window.

peas May The peas are growing along that sideways trellis. You can see the rhubarb in front of them and a bit of garlic. The rest of the bed will have eggplant and carrots, I think. The carrots have been planted a couple of times but don’t seem to be germinating. There are cucumbers at the base of the obelisk which will be trained up it when it gets warm enough for them to grow more. Those two green clumps in the back corner of the bed are echinacia (which I’m probably not spelling correctly).

broad beans May To the right of the other bed we have very orderly broad beans (which I think North Americans call Fava beans) with lima beans planted under the chicken wire. They seem to come up a lot later. Any green in that part now is self-seeded tomatoes that will be weeded out. In the front of the bed is a row of dill and a row of celery and then some leeks and garlic. Maybe the eggplant are going here. Hmmm.

salad 1 May  salad ariel May

Off to the right, and not visible in that first photo, is the bed that is first to be snow-free in the spring. So it has the salad greens in it, since they can go in before the danger of frost is past. We’ve tried a new green called Mizuna (the frilly one on the right in the aerial view) because it is early and hardy. It is also pretty tasty. You can see a couple of kinds of lettuce. There are also radishes, spinach (though not much has come up) and beets (ditto). The onions are Egyptian walking onions that a gardener at Upper Canada Village gave us a couple of years ago. They grow little onions at the top, fall over and plant themselves. We’ve been using them as green onions.

Today Mat planted out the peppers (weeding out the arugula, though he is confident more will pop up somewhere) and has started working out how to build a support system for the tomatoes. The zucchini and broccoli are under the apple tree at the back (first photo, next to the compost bin). Strawberries are starting to develop fruit. Heat would help that for sure. Herbs are all happy.

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4 Responses to Vegetable garden

  1. Mel says:

    I’ve not attempted limas in northern climes, as they have a fairly long season and generally do better down south. I’ll be interested to know how yours do.

  2. wisteria says:

    Looks great!! When Mat gets finished weeding up there send him down to Mississippi to start in on my very messy garden. Ha.

  3. cloudscome says:

    Wow this looks fabulous! You are in for a great summer. Thanks for joining the garden tour.

  4. Steph says:

    Wow! That looks wonderful. Definitely puts my gardening efforts to shame. :-)