Update on goings on around here

This was our big weekend. Tigger had a lot on. Of course that meant that this week she came down with a cold. Friday was a pyjama day for her. We got out the tree and decorations and made a start on that side of the holiday preparations. Now I have a bunch of boxes and debris in the living room but there is a decorated tree and other decorations up.

The pyjama day worked and the cold disappeared fast. Saturday she had 4 hours of theatre rehearsals (for which I did give her some decongestant). They went well.

Sunday was her big day. She started at 10 a.m with a theatre rehearsal downtown. I picked her up at 1 p.m. to take her back to the west end for her choir rehearsal and performance. At 4:30 we returned to the theatre for more rehearsal, dinner, and the performance.

The weather was less than stellar. Once we have this much snow on the ground and it is cold, I am in favour of it not going above 0C (32F; freezing) until about March. It just creates slush and big puddles and then ice when it all freezes again. And there is a big risk of freezing rain. Well, yesterday it warmed up. And at 4:30, right when I had to drive across town again, there was freezing rain. And slush on all the roads. Luckily none of the idiots were out so though we had to drive slower than usual, we got there in one piece.

Both performances went well. I was very impressed with the music that both choirs sang. Tigger is in the training choir. They sang well. Some of their music was in parts and they did all of it very well. The older choir sang some very challenging pieces, also well. I am very impressed with this choir director.

The staged reading of Angel Square was also excellent. And the theatre was almost sold out (it holds just over 400). This is great because it was a fundraiser for the Ottawa International Children’s Festival. They all did a great job. The audience really enjoyed it. A very pleasant evening. (Though what is it with my luck. The only inappropriately young child in the place was sitting right next to me!)

Today Tigger slept in. We’re baking. And her friend is coming over later.

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5 Responses to Update on goings on around here

  1. kim says:

    Sounds like festivities have hit a fever pitch there too. Lets all eat an orange and chill out before the next round.

  2. Mama says:

    I am exhausted just reading about your weekend. :-) I am glad Tigger got well quickly and that her performances went well.

  3. Angela says:

    IT all sounds so wonderful. I am so glad she was able to enjoy it all between two pyjama days! What a lovely experience!

  4. Sheila says:

    After driving around in the slush today, I have decided that I could never again live where it snows regularly all winter. Yet you make it sound so easy!

  5. Kate McKenzie says:

    Hi Jo – all the best from this side of the pond. Love reading about your life since it makes me think…..maybe we’ll meet again in an airport in 2009! Much love Kate Roger and Sojourner xxx