And now for some light relief

Cat photos!

During the winter our patio furniture and the rain barrels are piled up under the kitchen window and covered in a tarp. That and the piles of snow make a nice ramp up to the window so the cats use it as a door. Yesterday, Blitzen was at the “door”.

blitzen-mouse-2.JPG Please, can I come in?

We don’t have a lot of rules in our house but one of them is that you can’t bring wildlife indoors to play with it. He was pretty insistent and eventually Mat opened the window to let him in but made him drop the mouse first. He wanted to go right back outside to play with it. But I think he got the point.

It isn’t all death and destruction though. If I turn around from my desk, this is what I see.

donner-chair.JPG  Doesn’t she look sweet? She is equally capable of torturing and killing small rodents but today that doesn’t seem to be on her agenda. Of course she was out all night so she might need some rest.

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5 Responses to And now for some light relief

  1. Audrey says:

    Awww! What a sweetheart. Bringing you her kill is actually quite an honour, you know!

    But, I’m completely with you on the “no wildlife indoors” rule.

  2. Sheila says:

    Ha! Some light relief is right, unless, of course, you’re that mouse there.

    I once ghost-wrote a guest post for our cat. The kids thought it was hilarious but now I look at it and think, that cat lives the life of Riley. Honestly. What a pampered cat.

  3. M says:

    That’s one thing I don’t miss about having cats — their sharing the spoils of their hunts! :-)

  4. Lori says:

    good job, blitzen. good job.

    worst thing a cat ever brought in my house? bat. shudder.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I am loving the cat photos. Can you please send Blitzen over here to my house so he can teach Dottie how to hunt? Dottie chases foil balls but ignores the mice.