Some random thoughts

I really should post more here. So today one of those numbered lists of random things going on.

  1. This is my busy work season. Was in Windsor last week. Antigonish next week. Kingston in a couple of weeks time. I love the work but the travel is tiring.
  2. I had an epiphany about how the new business model could work, though. So I am now more confident about that. There might always be a place for the spring travelling though, if universities continue to have a budget for it.
  3. The house thing is getting closer. We’ve been finishing up unfinished jobs around the house like painting the corner of the kitchen near my desk and putting some splashback tiles along the kitchen counter.
  4. The movers are booked. As are a whole bunch of other things. Mat is handling most of this (see 1. above). Boxes will be delivered soon, I think, and we can start packing.
  5. I think we also need to start throwing/giving things away.
  6. Freya is doing lots including teaching French to her friend. She’s being paid for that, which I think makes her take it more seriously. I think it is an excellent way to get her to do some French.
  7. I’ve been knitting. And finishing things. The vest and top that I blogged about here. The latter had short sleeves in the pattern but a friend indicated they were badly designed and bunched under the arms. As I finished the body & collar I thought it would look really cute sleeveless. I did an inch of ribbing and it does. We even had suitable buttons in the button jar.
  8. I’ve decided to join Twitter. And I like it. It is a time suck but a delightful one. At first it felt a bit like having invited a bunch of different groups of friends to the same party. Really weird. But that feeling seems to have gone away. Partly because I use TweetDeck and can organize them into columns. And partly because people from different parts of my online life seem to have things in common.
  9. My birthday is next week. The one like the 7″ records. And if you are close to that age, you’ll actually know what I’m talking about there. I’m having breakfast with a new online friend before catching my plane back home. Not sure what I’m doing when I get here. Mat will be in Germany. A friend says we’ll come up with something. Order pizza and drink beer might be the default (though must ensure there is wine as friend doesn’t drink beer).
  10. My sister is seriously considering moving to Ottawa. This might be really nice. I only met her when I was 16 and she currently lives in Alberta so we mostly keep in touch by e-mail. I met her husband and son for the first time Easter weekend and we got along well. My nephew has a wicked sense of humour (he’s graduating from high school this summer).

Okay, that’s enough to keep you going. I’m going to have to think about what this blog is for. But I suspect there will be lots of farming posts come June. :-)

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7 Responses to Some random thoughts

  1. shaun says:

    Teaching French is a great idea — I keep thinking I need to get V. into a class to work on her conversation, but maybe I need to get her a tutee!

    Happy birthday to another Taurus, like both my girls. You’re a tough bunch! :)

  2. Malva says:

    Can’t wait for the farming posts!

  3. liese4 says:

    Happy B-day.
    I just de-cluttered the house – we had to have a special garbage pick up (yikes!)

  4. It sounds like your life is coming together beautifully! It sounds insanely busy, but terrific. Did you mean to use your daughter’s real name?

  5. Becky says:

    Happy birthday, early — just in case I’m away from the computer on the actual day (I don’t want to miss it!).

    Today is mine, 45 too, and though the weather isn’t particular co-operative (a breezy 7 C), I’m glad to have a Sunday to spend outdoors. My big present from Tom and the kids was a repurposed barbecue, with the barbecue part taken off and the frame converted into a plant stand. Repainted nice green and glossy back.

    Back to raking!

  6. M-H says:

    So many beginnings in your life at the moment. I feel exhausted just reading them. Thanks for the catchup post.

  7. Angela, QueenBee says:

    Such a great update post–it’s lovely to hear so many postiive things going on for you all. Happy, Happy birthday, my dear. Wish I could take you out for a beer myself!