How to spot JoVE in a crowd at Rhinebeck

I am off to the NY Sheep & Wool festival this weekend. Although I have a shopping list for yarn, my main purpose in going is to meet up with people I interact with online but don’t get a lot of opportunities to hang out with in person. I’ll be there both days.

Of course, because we have only met online and this is a crowded fairground, that whole meeting up thing is hard. You can’t even rely on the old stand by of looking for the other person in the cafĂ© who is looking for someone that they have only met online because well, a lot of people are doing that at Rhinebeck.

Here’s the thing to look for:

pig bag

It will likely be full of yarn ;-)

Going with a pig theme is going to make me stand out, I’m betting. (Mat says I have to play you Papas Got A Brand New Pig Bag. It’s pretty funky.)

Also, depending how warm it is, I might be wearing this:

grey & red sweater

It has 2 sleeves now.

And I guess a recent photo of my actual face wouldn’t go amiss. Please note this was taken a few months ago and I haven’t had my hair cut since. Which means it’s not only longer (though not long) but has NO STYLE. Also, the adorable teen will not be with me.

Jo & Freya summer 2012

Places you might spot me: Briar Rose booth (probably earlier on Saturday), the 4H stand for lunch, the picnic tables by the food stalls (random times), watching sheep showing or hanging out in animal barns.

I think I’m also going to the Cooperative Press party on Saturday night.

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2 Responses to How to spot JoVE in a crowd at Rhinebeck

  1. J. says:

    I do need to say that I am tiny bit jealous. Have fun and fondle lots of great yarn for me.

  2. Angela says:

    Cannot wait to finally have some face time after all these years! These picks are incredibly helpful. On a side note, how did that adorable little girl grow up to be so lovely when we weren’t aging a bit? :)