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that high school thing

Recently, I’ve sensed a shift in my thinking about this. A shift deeper in the direction I was already going rather than a major change in direction. Things have become MORE unschoolish. In particular, I have become less concerned about … Continue reading

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more essay writing: History

Since the 2 Literary Analysis classes are each a month long with a month break in between, we decided to add our own essay based class in October. Last year Freya expressed an interest in learning more about how ideas … Continue reading

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How it’s going so far, with a focus on Literature and essay writing

It's Thanksgiving weekend, which is about 6 weeks into the new school year and seems like a good time to reflect a bit on how things are going. We had a family meeting at the beginning of September to talk … Continue reading

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more high school ideas

This is mostly a placeholder to remind myself about a couple of Julie’s posts on the Bravewriter blog: 5 principles for one-thing-ing high school 1-3 4&5 The principles summarized Teens need adventure. Teens aren’t lazy. They’re bored. Teens have interests … Continue reading

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How we’ve approached High School so far

Julie at Bravewriter posted a question from a mom of a highschooler on her Facebook page today and I realized it might be helpful to say more about what we are doing here. Despite the occasional panic, mostly I’m okay … Continue reading

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Rambling homeschooling thoughts

I should really post some quilting and knitting photos but I’ll leave that for now because today I decided to turn my mind to the coming academic year. And that’s now left me somewhat confused and frustrated. The problem is … Continue reading

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Fall madness

Just popping in to let you know that I am still alive. Things have been busy what with Freya starting school-ish things again (I’ve updated the High School page), me getting new clients and starting a new service as part … Continue reading

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updated homeschooling stuff

I’ve updated the page where I’m recording what we’re doing/have done for high school. As you can see, I am not the best record keeper in the world. I may ask Freya to add things to that page, too.

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Another History Fair

In other news, Freya participated in another history fair this week. This one was not part of any bigger series but was organized by a local mom for local homeschoolers. There was no restriction on topics (the previous one had … Continue reading

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Freya’s art class

This year Freya has been taking drawing classes in our local town. I have been really impressed with her work. This is really the first formal instruction and guidance that she has had. And that bit of guidance has made … Continue reading

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