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How it’s going so far, with a focus on Literature and essay writing

It's Thanksgiving weekend, which is about 6 weeks into the new school year and seems like a good time to reflect a bit on how things are going. We had a family meeting at the beginning of September to talk … Continue reading

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Book Review: How to Read a Poem

So, I went to a big academic conference. And I had a booth in the trade fair bit, which is called the Book Fair because it is mostly publishers. And I spent the entire week staring at the Wiley/Blackwell booth … Continue reading

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Was it grammar day on Twitter?

Two grammar related blog posts found courtesy of Twitter today. The first, a detailed indictment of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style in the Chronicle (in the free to all stuff). By a linguist. With details of a (presumably better) … Continue reading

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Play review: Belle Moral

We went to the theatre last weekend. Since drama is one of Tigger’s interest areas, I decided at the beginning of the school year (such as it is) that we should go to the theatre more often. This is not … Continue reading

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Some great Friday poetry

I’m doing well with my resolution to read Becky’s Poetry Friday posts. This week she hit me with a whole lot of Langston Hughes. Great stuff. I love that political stuff for exactly the reason he writes it (explained in … Continue reading

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Poetry update

I was reading Sheila’s post about writing poetry with her kids and realized that I forgot to update you all on my own poetry challenge. First, I now read the poem that Becky posts on Fridays instead of skimming over … Continue reading

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Poetry: small steps

Becky put a good link in her comment on my recent lament about poetry. (Was it a lament? Perhaps not.) So on the principal that a long journey begins with a single step, I have been listening to a few … Continue reading

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Poetry and me

This is not a Poetry Friday post. I love the idea of Poetry Friday but I freeze completely at the thought of posting something. And I have to admit that I tend not to read the poems folks on my … Continue reading

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More Dickens related resources

Writing blog posts seems to send me off on internet research trips. Here are some of the things I’m finding. Some will be suitable for Tigger directly (age 11) and some will be more for my own learning. I’d never … Continue reading

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19th Century British history

My planning is often serendipitous. Finding good books. External activities going on. Taking a 3 month trip to Europe. That kind of thing drives the kinds of subjects that we might study around here. This year’s serendipitous activity is that … Continue reading

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