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Our new biology lab

I may have mentioned that Tigger took a science class this term. Loosely based on the Grade 9 curriculum, it was 8 sessions of microscopy with a group of 8 kids. She loved it. We have a microscope that my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vermeer’s Hat

I will begin with apologies to whoever mentioned this book. I know I saw it on someone’s blog and immediately requested it from my library. It took several months for me to get far enough up the list to read … Continue reading

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Some great Friday poetry

I’m doing well with my resolution to read Becky’s Poetry Friday posts. This week she hit me with a whole lot of Langston Hughes. Great stuff. I love that political stuff for exactly the reason he writes it (explained in … Continue reading

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Lions, and cheetahs… nostalgia

While looking for something else, I discovered the BBC Big Cat pages. The internet sure has changed things though the live webcams and the video streaming of the TV program is not available outside the UK. What a shame. When … Continue reading

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Another Canadian science supplier

Tigger is currently doing a cell biology/microscopy course. That prompted her to get out the microscope her grandmother had picked up for her free or cheap somewhere. She checked it out and thinks it is good for her purposes but … Continue reading

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Kids Writing Contest (Canadian)

As I was loitering at the children’s information desk in the library today, I leafed through a magazine from the Children’s Book Centre they had sitting on the counter. In it I came across details of a contest associated with … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fire in the Hills

I picked up Donna Jo Napoli’s Fire in the Hills at the library the other week. We’ve read some of her work before (The King of Mulberry Street) and really enjoyed it. Excellent historical fiction. This one is shelved in … Continue reading

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Poetry update

I was reading Sheila’s post about writing poetry with her kids and realized that I forgot to update you all on my own poetry challenge. First, I now read the poem that Becky posts on Fridays instead of skimming over … Continue reading

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other things going on

Although I’ve been working pretty hard, other stuff is happening. The weather has been getting pretty cold at night and went down almost to freezing the other day. The tomatoes didn’t seem to be doing much anyway, so we picked … Continue reading

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not that planners aren’t useful…

I have used my bog-standard day planner to help manage the stress of this heavy workload season. Basically, I realized that after about 3 p.m. I can’t do any useful work actually reviewing grant applications (which is what I do). … Continue reading

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