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Why I raise pigs

I get some odd questions about this. The oddest of which is probably “Are you keeping them as pets?” Since I didn’t know how big adult pigs get until I started looking into getting some I’m going to forgive people … Continue reading

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UPDATED: From social activism to consumerism

We don’t really celebrate Mother’s Day around here. It is one of those days affectionately cynically known as a “Hallmark holiday”. Another excuse for buying cards and whatnot. Not that no one appreciates me as a mother, because they do. … Continue reading

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The buyout…

Although I will NOT participate in union bashing as the US Republicans have done, I do agree that the Big 3 do not deserve a buy out. My partner forwarded something to me today that I thought really hit the … Continue reading

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Knitting and politics

Jeri from my knitting list posted a link to a clip from this week’s Colbert report. Woman stopped at the border because of her knitting. Very funny. I can’t figure out how to embed it so Americans can click here. … Continue reading

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Better suggestions…

And today the top headline in my e-mail from The Globe and Mail says: Environmentalists promote “green stimulus”. Supporters are calling the idea “green stimulus.” They argue that directing new government expenditures to wind farms, solar panels, gas-sipping cars and … Continue reading

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Why the North American auto manufacturers should not be saved

I am getting pretty peeved at all the talk about “saving” the Big 3 auto manufacturers. We are facing declining petroleum reserves and climate change, both of which suggest that we need to radically change our fuel consumption habits. And … Continue reading

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What we can do to thank them…

In the run up to Remembrance Day (November 11th; Veterans Day in the US), the radio had a little piece that started with the idea that we might want to thank veterans of WWII (all those of WWI are now … Continue reading

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Some great Friday poetry

I’m doing well with my resolution to read Becky’s Poetry Friday posts. This week she hit me with a whole lot of Langston Hughes. Great stuff. I love that political stuff for exactly the reason he writes it (explained in … Continue reading

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swearing follow up

Great comments on the Swearing post. Who knew? Sheila’s comment, in particular, reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago with someone. We were talking about how some people use “fuck” as punctuation. Of course my addled brain … Continue reading

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I read a good article today, in The Atlantic via a link to Arts and Letters Daily from the Chronicle. In Freedom’s Curse Steven Pinker takes on the question of swearing and freedom of speech. He starts with a basic … Continue reading

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