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Sorbetto finished

Here’s the photo of the top I was talking about in that other post. Pattern: Sorbetto by Colette Patterns Fabric: silk that someone gave me many many years ago. The centre pleat and neck binding use a piece that was … Continue reading

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Style vs fit

This post is part of a personal blog project to Find My Style. Please read the first post for an overview of what I’m trying to do and what kinds of comments I’d like. Thanks. Sorry for the radio silence … Continue reading

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Done: Table runner

Remember my little fit of embroidery? Well, it turns out the hard part is actually putting a backing on it. But I’m done.   As always, click for a bigger picture. I also took an overhead view for those who … Continue reading

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Inspire me…

So that stitching project went pretty fast. And it was fun. I’m thinking I could whip up a few things as Christmas gifts. But I need ideas. I’m as happy as the next gal to futz around on the internet … Continue reading

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Prairie Poppins is doing a handmade holidays again. And she has been posting lots of links to ideas for things to make. The other day, in one of my bits of procrastinating by futzing around on the internet, I clicked … Continue reading

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Shopping bags…

I dragged that box of stuff up from the basement and spread the contents all over the floor … As you can see there are big chunks of canvas screenprinted in purple and green (also purple and pink) and several … Continue reading

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vague thoughts about making stuff

Praire Poppins had just an inspiring post up yesterday with lists of ideas for handmade gifts for the holidays. I love reading her blog and often wish I could be that relaxed about making things on a regular basis. I’m … Continue reading

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Getting ready for summer

On the assumption that eventually the snow will melt and the temperature will climb to “hot”, we have started planning Tigger’s summer wardrobe. The other day we got out the summer stuff and checked what fit and what didn’t and … Continue reading

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